Large Pressure Cookers

In today’s fast-paced world, where time is of the essence, the large pressure cooker has emerged as an indispensable tool for the busy restaurants. These CE certified international quality cookers, made from wrought aluminum, offer unparalleled efficiency and safety, while revolutionizing the way we cook.

Our large pressure cookers are available in sizes ranging from 30 Liters to 200 Liters to suit the needs of cooking capacity of various restaurants or large families.

Cooker Capacities – All cooker capacities mentioned are overall size of the cookers.
i,e, Body Capacity + Lid Capacity = Size of the cookers in Litres

Unmatched Quality and Reliability

When it comes to large pressure cookers, quality is paramount. Our CE certified international quality cookers are meticulously crafted using premium wrought aluminum, allowing for superior heat distribution and durability. Compatible with gas stoves, these cookers effortlessly enable faster cooking times, ultimately saving both time and energy. Designed for longevity, they are sure to become an enduring staple in your kitchen, making meal preparation a breeze. Our cookers are found to save fuel upto 50% compared to cooking in open pots.

5 Safety Systems for Peace of Mind

At the heart of our large pressure cooker’s design lie five robust safety systems, engineered for your peace of mind. These systems work harmoniously to regulate and control the pressure within the cooker, minimizing the risks associated with pressure cooking.

Gasket release system, pressure valve, spring loaded valve, whistle & pressure meter are the 5 safety mechanisms that allowing you to cook with confidence.

Pressure Level

All our cookers work at standard 7 Psi level. The whistle blows & release the pressure at 7Psi. However, the pressure level can be customized to 15 Psi on pressure cookers with big size based on your requirement which can be discussed with us prior to placing an order.

In a world where time is a prized commodity, the large pressure cooker emerges as a culinary hero. With its exceptional quality, safety features, and ability to expedite the cooking process without sacrificing flavor or nutritional integrity, it is a must-have tool for every modern kitchen. Invest in a CE certified international quality commercial large pressure cooker today and experience the countless benefits it has to offer.

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