Commercial Idli Maker

When it comes to serving a large number of people delicious and fluffy idlis, commercial idli makers are the ultimate solution. These specially designed cookers are perfect for restaurants, catering businesses, and other commercial settings where efficiency and consistency are key.

We offer gas stove compatible, aluminum commercial idli steamers in 2 sizes. (1) To make 49 idlis at a time (2) Jumbo, to make 114 idlis at a time in a single batch.!

These idli cookers in big size make them ideal for serving large groups of customers or guests without compromising on quality, especially in Indian food serving restaurants or large families.

In addition to their high capacity, commercial idli cookers are also designed for durability and ease of use. They are made of high-quality aluminum material that can withstand heavy use and are easy to clean and maintain.

Whether you are running a busy restaurant or catering business, investing in a commercial idli cooker can greatly streamline your cooking process and ensure that you can consistently serve delicious and freshly made idlis to your customers. Look for a model that meets your specific needs in terms of capacity and features to take your idli-making to the next level.

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